Carpet Cleaning

Dream Cleaners London provide high-quality carpet cleaning services in the London area. We employ experienced professionals and provide them with the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning machines, sprays and cleaning products to thoroughly clean the carpets in your home or business.

Regular carpet cleaning is important for maintaining the look and integrity of the carpets in your home or business. The carpets are often the first thing a visitor will notice when entering your property. Give a good first impression with impeccably clean and spot-free carpets.

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Dream Cleaners London carpet cleaners use powerful and effective machines, sprays and cleaning products that ensure deep and effective carpet sanitation. We provide our professional cleaning services to the London region and clean both domestic and business spaces. We guarantee refreshed, rid of the stains, odours, allergens and grime soft floor coverings.

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Our staff provide deep and qualitative sanitising of natural and synthetic fabrics which is safe for the floor coverings. Take advantage of the carpet cleaning services we offer within London and you will receive effective and professional work.

What We Clean

Our highly trained carpet cleaning technicians understand that all carpets have different cleaning needs. A carpet in a high traffic area will have acquired more dust and dirt than a carpet in a room that is not frequently used. Carpets are also made up of different materials which will interact differently with the detergents and solvents our technicians use.

We clean the following types of carpets:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Synthetic

Give us a call to schedule a visit from one of our highly trained carpet cleaners. We are available to clean your carpets 7 days a week.


Dream Cleaners London provide deep cleaning of all types of natural and synthetic fibres, safe for any floor coverings as well as for the inhabitants of our home. We offer our professional cleaning services to the London region in both domestic and commercial spaces. We provide effective and professional work.
What we do:

  • Inspect carpets condition and composition
  • Test carpet fibres to determine what they are made out of
  • Hoover carpets with high powered hoover
  • Apply solvents to stains
  • Shampoo carpet
  • Use our power carpet cleaning equipment to inject steam and hot water deep into your carpet before extracting it along with any built-up dirt and grime
  • Leave carpets to dry

Our carpet cleaning technicians will arrive at your home on time ready to get to work deep cleaning your carpet. Our technicians will get to work inspecting your carpets, noting their condition and composition. They will most likely provide a test on your carpets to determine the fibre make-up to ensure that they use the correct detergents and solvents to thoroughly clean your carpet without harming it. We provide our technicians with the best equipment to effectively clean your carpet including high powered hoovers, steam cleaning and extraction machines as well as all of the most effective detergents and solvents.

The carpet cleaning process starts with a thorough hoovering of the carpets. This removes any loose dust, dirt or pet hair. Our technicians will then spray down any stains or especially dirty patches with cleaning detergents that will loosen up embedded dirt and help lift stains from the carpet fibres.

Next, our technicians carry out hot water extraction with our carpet cleaning equipment. Hot water and steam extraction penetrate deep into your carpet loosening up built-up dirt, dust and grime and deeply sanitising your carpet. Our cleaners will shampoo your carpets which removes even the most stubborn dirt and stains. The combination of hot water and shampoo also kills any bacteria that may be lingering in your carpet, making it safe for young children to roll around on.

We only use the most safe and effective carpet cleaners. We will never use any chemicals or solvents that may be detrimental to the health of the inhabitants of your home. Our job as professional carpet cleaners is to improve the cleanliness of your home, we will never endanger your health.

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Importance of Carpet Cleaning

If your carpets have become worn-out, lost the brightness of their colours or need professional cleaning, you can rely on the professional staff at Dream Cleaners London to restore them. Our staff carry out hoovering, stain and odour spraying, hot water extraction, shampooing and refreshing.

You can ensure a longer lifespan for your floor coverings by using professional cleaning services at least twice a year. Our company offers highly professional and inexpensive carpet cleaning services which can be used by the owners of residential and business properties located in London and the nearby areas.

Not only does regular professional carpet cleaning extend the lifespan of your carpets, but it can also be beneficial to your health. Dust mites, dirt and mould can all build up in your carpets, causing harm to your health. No matter how healthy a lifestyle you live, if you are breathing in dust mites and dirt from your carpet – your health is at risk.

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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

The carpets in your home see a lot from the water you track in on a rainy day to the crumbs from your midnight snacks. Your carpets absorb your spills and collect the dust that accumulates in a home. If you have a pet, your carpets absorb the muck from dirty paws and unfortunate accidents. No matter how often you hoover them, after a while the only solution to thoroughly cleaning your carpets is hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

We understand the pride you take in your home and want to help you make the best impression on your visitors as well as create a space for you that is clean and comfortable. Our professional carpet cleaners are highly skilled and fully equipped to thoroughly clean and refresh the carpets in your home.

Give us a call today to discuss our carpet cleaning services. We also offer a rug cleaning service should you require it.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Dream Cleaners London offers professional carpet cleaning services to residential spaces. We will clean the carpets in your shop, restaurant, pub, hotel or office. Carpets in high traffic areas accumulate a lot of dirt and grime that can negatively affect their appearance and decrease their lifespan. Make a good impression on your customers and save money in the long term by increasing the life span of your carpets. Hire Dream Cleaners London to professionally clean the carpets in your business. Give us a call today to discuss our carpet cleaning services and to book an appointment. We understand that as a business you have a very busy schedule which is why we are available to clean your carpets 7 days a week.

Spot Cleaning

Did you have an accident with a glass of red wine? Did your artistic children decide to decorate your carpets with markers or paint? Are you training a puppy who does not yet understand when he needs to go outside? We understand that accidents happen which is why we are here to help. Give us a call to discuss our carpet cleaning services. We offer spot cleaning 7 days a week because we understand that sometimes the mess just can’t wait.

Who we are

Dream Cleaners London are a professional cleaning service based in London. We provide professional carpet cleaning to the homes and businesses in the London area. We offer multiple cleaning services that are guaranteed to get your home or business looking spotless. Give us a call to discuss our services.