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At Dream Cleaners London we truly believe that the most thorough and efficient cleaning includes floor to ceiling and side to side sanitation. We collaborate with professional cleaners who are devoted to executing the most consistent and detail-oriented cleaning services in Woodford. We serve both private homeowners and business contractors. Each member of our teams strives to maintain the highest standards in this industry we have set for ourselves. We can provide the highest level of cleanliness.

Customer-oriented cleaning services

We are the company in Woodford that care about our customers’ full satisfaction. We are devoted to delivering outstanding cleaning sessions without you having to pay through your nose.

House Cleaning ServicesPrice
Regular Cleaningfrom £19
One Off Cleaningfrom £20
Spring Cleaningfrom £20
Deep Cleaningfrom £22

We have set high standards concerning the property’s condition and we are devoted to holding ourselves to them. The professional cleaning services of our company are customer-focused which would mean that your satisfaction comes at first place. We will go the extra mile to convince you that our achievements are unbeatable.

In case you are on a quest of a cleaning service to match all your needs, look no further than our company in Woodford. We are ready to provide you with the highest achievements in this industry, let us show you how magic is done. We provide our cleaners with detailed task lists. They are fully trained to the highest standards in this industry. Plus, they have worked successful strategies which in combination with efficient approaches lead to spotless cleanliness.

Our Cleaning Checklist

  • Wash gloss-work rather than wipe ledge areas
  • Clean outside cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes etc.
  • Clean outside ovens, fridges, microwaves etc.
  • Clean silver or brass ornaments or cutlery etc.
  • Wash all tiles, floor to ceiling, in bathrooms and toilets.
  • Scrub or polish floor
  • Empty bind
  • Change linen
  • Remove all grease and grime where applicable
  • Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards, drawers, washing machine and dishwasher
  • Clean sink and taps
  • Clean inside/outside your microwave, oven, fridge/freezer
  • Clean and wipe all kitchen surfaces
  • Clean and mop floor
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Scrub and sanitize bathroom floors
  • Scrub and disinfect sanitary ware
  • Clean bath, sink, showers and tiles
  • Clean and polish all door frames and window ledges, clean all skirting boards andradiators
  • Vacuum all carpets and mop hardwood floors
  • Clean and dust all furniture, mirrors, pictures
  • Windows from the inside

Another thing is that we supply our cleaners with toxin-free and environmentally friendly equipment which is powerful enough to combat all types of impurities and pollutants.

We have spent plenty of years in this business so we know what our customers expect from us. We have reached perfection in every aspect of our being. To show you how excellence looks like, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

More about our cleaning services

  • All our cleaning services are budget-friendly
  • The equipment is included in the total sum
  • Our cleaning sessions are quick and efficient
  • We aim to create strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers

About our Company in Woodford

Employing Dream Cleaners London to undertake the cleaning chores in your property will results in you being unburden of cleaning chores, because we will provide you with the utmost best care. Years of cleaning experience and diligence will tackle the dirt out of your home for good! Most dirt stains can be removed if treated right and you can expect our service to do just that to your property.

Being the professional we are, we cannot afford mistakes- our cleanings are thorough, they cover every single inch of the property and after being carefully inspected, it receive a detailed, one of a kind cleaning that guarantees the dissolving and removing of dirt particles.

Find out about the possibilities of having your property cleansed to perfection- you will most definitely feel amazing in your newly refreshed home, free of dirt and dust, a healthy environment with a natural smell and improved indoor air quality.

    Our Customers Thoughts

    “How amazing you are! I have never thought that I would come across to such a professional and affordable cleaning company. Your cleaning services are so thorough and efficient. And the cleaners… oh, the cleaners, they were amazing as well. So kind and disciplined. Thank you!- Moby”

    “I took a chance and book this company’s house cleaning services at very affordable prices. Now my home is looking its best, every nook and cranny is sparkling. Now I know for sure which cleaning company I will be using for future. No doubt, your cleaning services are unmatched.- Diane”

    No matter what type of cleaning chore you need help with, we are always ready to help you. We are professional cleaning company operating in Woodford. For many years now, we have been providing people from the area with exceptional cleaning services in order to make their lives easier.

    Get in touch with us and book the cleaning service you are in need of and we will get ready to amaze you. Whatever your needs are, we can complete them all. Let us help you be on top of any cleaning task. We cannot wait to hear from you.

    “I just had my oven cleaned by one of your representatives. As a matter of fact, the appliance was pretty greasy. The fellow actually cleaned all components one by one. He was responsive and well-mannered as well as diligent and comprehensive. Highly recommended cleaning company. – Gabriel”

    “I can’t recommend this company enough. They have cleaned our leased flat yesterday and the landlord was very pleased with the achieved standard of cleanliness. I already received my deposit back. Thank you very much for this impeccable service. I would call you again for sure. – Isabel”