End of Tenancy Cleaning Hampstead, Belsize Park NW3

tenancy cleaningMost landlords and estate agencies require their rental property to be left in a immaculate condition and perfectly sanitised in order for them to give you back the deposit. If your tenancy agreement is coming to an end, book our end of tenancy cleaning services in Hampstead, Belsize Park, NW3 and let our cleaners do the professional final cleaning for you.

Our cleaning techs will clean from top to bottom your rental property, to ensure that they will meet the standards, expected and required by the landlord or the letting agency. For that purpose we use only up-to-date, efficient cleaning technologies and eco-friendly detergents.

Depending on the size and condition of the property, we will offer you an unbeatable quote. To book our professional services and take care of your old home can only bring you benefits. You definitely paid higher amount of money for deposit, than you will pay for our services. Give us a call and go for our time-efficient cleaning solution.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicesPrice
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

What our end of tenancy cleaning service includes:

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchens, along with bathrooms are usually the areas in a house that need the most attention when it comes to deep cleaning. Our cleaning team will arrive with powerful cleaning solutions and make sure everything in your kitchen is cleaned, scrubbed, and left immaculate. First of all, dust and cobwebs will be removed. Kitchen surfaces will be wiped down, degreased and disinfected. Backsplashes and tiled walls will be scrubbed and polished. Mould and mildew will be removed. All your kitchen cupboards and drawers will be emptied, washed, disinfected and all items stored in them will be reorganised. Cutlery and kitchenware will be washed and polished and all frequently touched items (appliance and light switches, door handles, etc.) will be thoroughly disinfected. Your washing machine will be cleaned inside and out, filters will be cleaned or replaced and the detergent drawer will be washed. Your rubbish bin will be emptied, cleaned, disinfected, and refreshed. Kitchen furniture will be cleaned and polished and your floor will be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Our team of professional cleaners will get rid of dust and cobwebs from your bathroom. Bathroom sink and its faucets will be descaled, scrubbed and sanitised. The toilet and its seat will be washed and all drains will be cleaned and refreshed (unclogged if needed). The shower head, taps and hose will be scrubbed and disinfected and tiled walls and wash basins will be thoroughly cleaned. The bathtub in your bathroom will be descaled, all soap residue will be removed and its whole surface will be sanitised. Glass doors and shower cabins will be polished. Your medicine drawer and other cupboards will be emptied, cleaned inside and out and reorganised. All rugs and shower curtains will be deep steam cleaned and replaced, if needed.

The professionals will inspect the whole bathroom for any build up left. They will use the high quality products we provide them with to get rid of it. The bathroom floor will be swept and mopped. Door knobs, cabinet door handles, light switches and faucets will be descaled, polished and disinfected. The whole place will be left immaculate and we guarantee that you and your landlord will be more than satisfied with the end results.

Living room cleaning

 Living room cleaning

The cleaning staff we assign to you for the End of Tenancy cleaning service will perform all cleaning tasks with a lot of care and effort. The service begins with the complete removal of dust and cobwebs, as well as the thorough wiping down and polishing of surfaces, furniture, shelves and decorations made of glass and wood. All carpets and upholstery in your flat will be vacuumed and all floors will be cleaned in the most suitable way for the particular type of flooring. The cleaners will declutter, wipe down and reorganise all cupboards and drawers and disinfect all door handles and light switches. At the end, all rubbish will be disposed of and your place will be left immaculate.

Bedroom cleaning

Bedroom cleaning

The End of Tenancy cleaning service includes deep and thorough cleaning of all living areas, including the bedroom. The cleaning team that will be performing the service will follow a thorough task list to ensure no cleaning jobs have been missed in the process. They will dust and polish bedroom furniture and various surfaces in the room. Wardrobes, cupboards and drawers will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out, and reorganised. Bed linens will be removed, washed and pressed. Your mattress will be thoroughly vacuumed and the bed will be neatly made with new sheets. The bedroom floor will be vacuumed or mopped, depending on the material. Door handles, remote controls and light switches will be disinfected.

Client feedback on our End of Tenancy Cleaning service

Fantastic end of tenancy cleaning services in Hampstead, Belsize Park

If you don’t clean the place before moving out, your landlord has the right to keep your deposit. To save your time in scrubbing, rely on our services in Hampstead, Belsize Park, NW3 and get the following benefits:

  • Insured and knowledgeable provider of qualitative services
  • Top-to-bottom cleaning of every room and every nook of the rental property
  • Serving the needs of tenants, landlords and estate agencies
  • Organised cleaning, performed by diligent and competent cleaning staff
  • All the required cleaning equipment
  • Non-toxic cleaning approach
  • Rates, that are fully complied to your needs and the size of the property
  • 24/7 available support centre
  • Flexible booking system and working schedule

Your end of tenancy cleaning service was of great help to me last Saturday. I had forgotten to book a professional cleaning service and I called your company at the last minute. I want to thank your for being understanding and helpful and your cleaners for doing such a great job. -Emma

To sanitise the rental flat/ house is useful for one more purpose- you will be able to check all the drawers and wardrobes once again for forgotten or lost things.

Fabulous end of tenancy cleaning

carpet cleanThe final cleaning is no longer a burden for you with our services. Our cleaning techs work in accordance to high standards, so that they meet the requirements even of the most demanding landlord. We created a check list, which allow us to provide you with organised and trustworthy cleaning solutions.

For your professional post tenancy cleaning, contact us and benefit from our end of tenancy cleaning services, which we deliver for customers in Hampstead, Belsize Park, NW3. We are at your disposal every day, including weekends and holidays, so grab the phone and ensure your worry-free moving out with us.

How We Clean in Hampstead

Our cleaning agency can make the moving out process more pleasant and less overwhelming. Establish a contact with us and we will be more than happy to help you achieve a top-notch look for the property you are vacating, as long as it is in the area of Hampstead. We promise you that you will be fascinated by our excellence and how economical our rates are.

The housekeepers who we will send to the property are true professionals in the end of tenancy cleaning. They are always at your disposal to demonstrate you how good they are.

“I can’t believe what your technicians did! They made my property sparkling clean in a single visit. The house is ready for incoming tenants and I can demanda higher rent. I recommended your company’s services to my friends and I will definitely take advantage of your cleaning services again – Fester”

“I’ve been relying on your cleaning company for years. You give me peace of mind and I love the results. I have never had a problem getting the deposit money back, neither have I had any complaints during the final inspection. Your company is consistent and honest and I love it – Juan”