End of Tenancy Cleaning Kennington SE11

tenancy cleaningWhen your lease is up and you decide to move out you will probably need to do an end of tenancy cleaning. When that moment comes, we invite you to call our company and hire our professional end of tenancy cleaning service to help you. Our service is customisable and we guarantee you that you will get a professionally cleaned lodging for a very practical price.

Our company is based in Kennington, SE11 and we operate in the entire area. We help not only tenants to get their deposits back, we also help landlords and estate agents who need to take care of their properties and keep them clean to find tenants.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicesPrice
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

What our end of tenancy cleaning service includes:

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is one of the areas that requires the most work. The cleaning professionals will arrive prepared with all tools and products needed for the job and make sure all objects, surfaces, and utensils are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All surfaces in the kitchen will be wiped down, scrubbed, degreased and disinfected. That includes splashbacks, countertops, stove tops, tiled walls, tables and others. Dust will be removed and all cupboards, shelves and drawers will be emptied and cleaned inside and out. Things that belong in them will be reorganised and neatly put back.

Appliances will be cleaned internally and externally. Your oven will be scrubbed and degreased, freezer and refrigerator will be emptied and disinfected with mould and mildew removed, washing machine and dryer will be cleaned with all components (filters, drum, soap drawers) and smaller machines such as toasters, electric kettles, and coffee pots will be descaled, scrubbed, and disinfected. The sink in your kitchen, along with its taps will be descaled and disinfected and the drain will be unclogged, cleaned, and refreshed. The kitchen furniture, such as tables, chairs, sofas, etc. will be cleaned and polished and all frequently touched items such as door handles and light switches will be thoroughly disinfected. All rubbish will be disposed of and your bin will be washed, sanitised and refreshed. The floor of your kitchen will be swept, mopped, and left spotless.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning will begin by dusting all surfaces and removing cobwebs. Next, your toilet and seat will be scrubbed and disinfected. Your bathroom sink and taps will be descaled, washed, and sanitised. Any countertops or tiled walls will be thoroughly cleaned. If you have a bathtub, it will be descaled, soap scum will be removed and its whole surface will be disinfected. Your shower walls and wash basin will also be scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned along with shower head, hose and taps. Shower screens/shower cabins will be cleaned and polished and all drains in the bathroom will be unclogged (if needed). Mould and mildew will be removed from grout, corners, and other areas. Shower curtains, towels, and bathroom rugs will be deep steam cleaned and all your mirrors will be cleaned, wiped down and polished.

Once they finish with your shower and other fixtures, our professionals will empty all cupboards and drawers, deep clean them inside and out, disinfect them, and neatly restock them. Your medicine cabinet and towel shelf will be reorganised. ALl frequently touched items such as taps, light switches, door handles, etc. will be carefully disinfected. The whole service will be finished with a thorough vacuuming and thorough mopping of your floor.

Living room cleaning

 Living room cleaning

All tasks that will be performed as part of the End of Tenancy service you receive from us will be mentioned in a detailed list that our cleaning staff will follow. The basic tasks include dusting of all surfaces, shelves, furniture, lamp shades and other objects that need wiping down. Your cupboards, shelves and drawers will be decluttered and thoroughly cleaned with suitable products for their materials ( glass or wood). Thorough vacuuming of carpets and upholstery (behind and under) will follow, as well as internal and external window cleaning. Floors will be swept and mopped, all Garbage will be disposed of and the whole property will be disinfected. Hgh quality results are guaranteed.

Bedroom cleaning

Bedroom cleaning

The deep cleaning of a bedroom is an essential part of the End of Tenancy cleaning service. To ensure that everything has been taken care of, we provide our cleaning staff with to-do lists that they follow. All bedroom furniture will be thoroughly dusted, polished and disinfected. Closets, wardrobes and drawers will be emptied, cleaned inside and out and neatly reorganised. Bed linen will be cleaned, pressed and restocked inside. The mattress of your bed will be vacuumed and sanitised. The bedroom floor will be vacuumed and mopped and all frequently touched items will be carefully disinfected. The whole room will be neatly organised and left in immaculate condition.

Client feedback on our End of Tenancy Cleaning service

Fantastic End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Kennington

You will not regret choosing our professional cleaning service as we are champions in our field for the area. Our company guarantees you that you will be satisfied with our end results and with our prices. And we also guarantee:

  • Reasonable prices, seven days a week cleaning service
  • Flexibility with cleaning visits
  • Punctuality and friendly attitude
  • A detailed cleaning of the entire property
  • An end of tenancy cleaning service that can be booked anywhere in and around Kennington, SE11

I have already recommended this service to some of my friends because I know that they, just like me, move houses a lot. I found this service years ago and I have been using it ever since. They have never displeased me or disrespected me in any way. They are always very helpful and the results they give me are amazing. -Olivia

Our cleaners will scrub tile and grouting, they will vacuum and mop all floors, clean windows and window sills and frames, degrease and de-scale, they will wipe down kitchen appliances, cupboards and pantry, they will clean the stove tops and extractor hood, they will clean skirting boards and radiators, light fittings and light switches. Note that all cleaning products will be provided by our company and are included in the price.

Attentive End of Tenancy Cleaning

carpet cleanChoosing our company’s end of tenancy cleaning service will be a very smart decision because our cleaners are extremely savvy in their work and will clean every last detail of your lodging. With our end of tenancy cleaning service you will one less thing to worry about. Our cleaners are competent and ready to work.

Our cleaners work only with the best cleaning products and tools so you can rest assured that your lodging will be properly cleaned and disinfected. Our call centre is open 24/7 please call us at any time.

How We Clean in Kennington

Time to move out? Undoubtedly, you have already arranged everything concerning your new rented property. But there is something you should not forget to do in the old place – clean it. Move-out cleaning is usually done by the outgoing tenant and in return for doing a good job, tenants receive a full refund on their deposit money.

If you do not have the time to make your rented property as clean as it has to be in order for you to receive a full refund on your deposit money, contact us today and book our professional end of tenancy cleaning services. Dream Cleaners London’s experts pay attention to detail.

“Few words about me- lazy, not talented enough to clean, time-starved. Few words about your end of tenancy cleaners- hard-working, diligent, savvy, life-saviours. Your housekeepers truly helped me with my end of tenancy cleaning which I was not able to perform on my own. I am so thankful for responding so quickly.- Marianne”

“If you find yourself in search of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, I recommend you this company’s. I am a landlord, renting out properties, so I frequently need this type of service and I can assure you that their end of tenancy cleaning is the best in town. Trust me.- Benicio”