End of Tenancy Cleaning Lee, Chinbrook SE12

tenancy cleaningMake the new tenants respect you for ever and clean all the mess behind you by taking advantage of our end of tenancy cleaning services in Lee, Chinbrook, SE12. We will help you leave your old home sparkle with cleanliness and get your deposit back. In fact no matter if you are a moving-out tenant or a landlord, you need to provide the top-notch condition , which was provided for you.

This task will be easily tackled by our trained and organised cleaning techs. They work according to a high standards, set by landlords and letting agencies, so no failure is possible with us. We have the proper modern technologies and efficient chemicals to eradicate all the bacteria.

Let us give you our guarantee for successful results and provide you with the pleasure of one worry-free moving out. Reach us by phone and inform yourself for our exclusive offers.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicesPrice
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

What our end of tenancy cleaning service includes:

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is one of the areas that requires the most work. The cleaners will arrive prepared with all tools and products needed for the job and make sure all objects, surfaces, and utensils are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All surfaces in the kitchen will be wiped down, scrubbed, degreased and disinfected. That includes splashbacks, countertops, stove tops, tiled walls, tables and others. Dust will be removed and all cupboards, shelves and drawers will be emptied and cleaned inside and out. Things that belong in them will be reorganised and neatly put back.

Appliances will be cleaned internally and externally. Your oven will be scrubbed and degreased, freezer and refrigerator will be emptied and disinfected with mould and mildew removed, washing machine and dryer will be cleaned with all components (filters, drum, soap drawers) and smaller machines such as toasters, electric kettles, and coffee pots will be descaled, scrubbed, and disinfected. The sink in your kitchen, along with its taps will be descaled and disinfected and the drain will be unclogged, cleaned, and refreshed. The kitchen furniture, such as tables, chairs, sofas, etc. will be cleaned and polished and all frequently touched items such as door handles and light switches will be thoroughly disinfected. All rubbish will be disposed of and your bin will be washed, sanitised and refreshed. The floor of your kitchen will be swept, mopped, and left spotless.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms always require special attention. They quickly collect a lot of buildup and grime that may be hard to remove especially if not cleaned on a regular basis. Your bathroom will be deep cleaned with all dust and cobwebs removed, all surfaces wiped down, descaled, polished and disinfected. Mould, mildew, soap scum and other grime will be removed from all corners, tiled walls, grout and other areas. The bathroom sink and its taps will be descaled and disinfected.

The shower cabin, walls, and wash basin will be cleaned and disinfected. Shower screens and glass walls will be washed and polished. Your bathtub will be thoroughly scrubbed with all grime and residue removed. All drains will be unclogged and cleaned. The toilet and its seat will be washed and sanitised. Shelves, cupboards and medicine cabinets will be cleared out, wiped down on the inside and outside and reorganised. Fresh towels will be stocked and shower curtains and bathroom rugs will be steam cleaned or replaced if needed. Waste bins will be emptied and disinfected. To finish the service, our professionals will carefully sanitise all items and objects that are regularly touched – door handles, faucets, light switches and others.

Living room cleaning

 Living room cleaning

When you book the End of Tenancy cleaning service with our company, you will receive thorough deep cleaning of the whole property. Our professional cleaners will follow tasks lists to ensure no cleaning jobs have been overlooked. The thorough dusting and polishing of wooden and glass surfaces and furniture is included. Cupboards and drawers will be decluttered, cleaned and carefully reorganised. Upholstery will be vacuumed, as well as carpeted floors and mattresses. Your vacuum cleaner will be deep cleaned as well. Hard wood floors will be cleaned with suitable products. Thorough sanitisation of frequently touched items such as remote controls and light switches will be performed.

Bedroom cleaning

Bedroom cleaning

Professional cleaning experts perform the End of Tenancy cleaning service we offer. Here are some of the things that will be performed in the bedroom of the property. The cleaners will empty cupboards and drawers and carefully clean them inside and out. The linens will be removed from your bed, washed, pressed, then neatly stocked in your closet. The mattress will be vacuumed from all sides and the carpet in the bedroom (if there is one) will be vacuumed as well. The disinfection of commonly touched objects and items throughout the room will follow and by the end of the service the bedroom will look flawless.

Client feedback on our End of Tenancy Cleaning service

Well-versed end of tenancy cleaning services in Lee, Chinbrook

After all the hassle of finding a new place, then packing all of your stuff, you will hardly find any power to do the final cleaning of your old home. For this rely on our services in Lee, Chinbrook, SE12, which will reward your trust with:

  • Professional and detailed cleaning of every inch of the rental property
  • Sanitising and disinfection of the surfaces
  • Modern cleaning equipment and solutions
  • Knowledgeable and well-trained cleaners
  • Worry-free services, with minimal disturbance for the customer
  • Guaranteed brilliant results
  • Flexibility in every aspect
  • Rates, which won’t exceed your pocket money

I hired this company’s end of tenancy cleaning service years ago and use them every time one of my properties is vacated. I like this company because their cleaners do a very great job every time and because their prices are very affordable. -John

We will make sure that every customer is pleased with our performance, because our main priority is to fascinate you and we take care that you will get your deposit back.

Fabulous end of tenancy cleaning

carpet cleanOur revered customers value us for the qualitative work, which our expert cleaning techs do. Our work is complied with the high-standards, which are proper for the final cleaning. We are always punctual in our arrangements, but unexpected things happen, so if you want to change our appointment, please let us know 24 hours before that.

We specialised in end of tenancy cleaning in order to help our customers with that hard task, considering moving-out. We are professionals in every aspect of our work, so we take responsibility for the results and provide a guarantee. Our office is currently located in Lee, Chinbrook, SE12, but you can book us by contacting our support centre or using our website.

How We Clean in Lee

Every tenant would like to move out on good terms with their landlord. This is linked with a lot of arrangements and mostly with a deep overall cleaning. If you are about to move out from a property in Lee, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our professional end of tenancy cleaning.

Our comprehensive representatives will stay onsite as long as necessary and make sure that everything is spick and span for the inventory inspection. Rest assured that every nook will be inspected for grime. With us you are guaranteed to move out keeping the full amount of the security deposit

“Your housekeepers are so experienced! I have to admit that I have some trust issues when it comes to booking cleaning assistance because I had had a hard time of previous bookings. But somehow you are a far cry from the previous companies I had booked. You are amazing! Your end of tenancy cleaning is second to none!- Sarah”

“Incredible end of tenancy cleaning! I only wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help! Without you, I would be lost. I could not be able to deal with that huge apartment on my own, that is why I turned to your company. I am so happy that I did. Keep on making people happy!- Orlando”