End of Tenancy Cleaning Dulwich SE21

tenancy cleaningOur end of tenancy cleaning service is available in Dulwich, SE21 and the area and we work with estate agents, landlords and tenants. Every lease has a clause that states which party must take care of the end of tenancy cleaning and our company has customisable services that can be tailored to help anyone.

Be sure to choose our professional end of tenancy cleaning service and leave this job to our professionals. We will leave your lodging as clean as it should be.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicesPrice
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

What our end of tenancy cleaning service includes:

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchens, along with bathrooms are usually the areas in a house that need the most attention when it comes to deep cleaning. Our cleaning team will arrive with powerful cleaning solutions and make sure everything in your kitchen is cleaned, scrubbed, and left immaculate. First of all, dust and cobwebs will be removed. Kitchen surfaces will be wiped down, degreased and disinfected. Backsplashes and tiled walls will be scrubbed and polished. Mould and mildew will be removed. All your kitchen cupboards and drawers will be emptied, washed, disinfected and all items stored in them will be reorganised. Cutlery and kitchenware will be washed and polished and all frequently touched items (appliance and light switches, door handles, etc.) will be thoroughly disinfected. Your washing machine will be cleaned inside and out, filters will be cleaned or replaced and the detergent drawer will be washed. Your rubbish bin will be emptied, cleaned, disinfected, and refreshed. Kitchen furniture will be cleaned and polished and your floor will be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Professional cleaners from our company will arrive fully equipped with professional tools and products and get on with the job. They will begin by wiping down all surfaces and removing dust and cobwebs. After that, your bathroom sink and its surrounding countertops will be descaled, scrubbed, and disinfected. Tiled walls, grout, and corners that have grime and buildup all over them will be thoroughly cleaned. Your toilet and toilet seat will be scrubbed and disinfected. If you have a bathtub, it will be thoroughly scrubbed and descaled. Faucets will be disinfected as well. Shower walls/shower cabin will be scrubbed and all soap scum will be removed. Shower heads and taps will be sanitised and all drains in the bathroom will be unclogged and refreshed. Shower screens will be polished and all soap residue, mould, and mildew will be completely removed.

Next, the cleaners will take care of your cupboards and drawers. All will be emptied and cleaned inside and out. The items from them will be cleaned as well and reorganised. Bathroom rugs and shower curtains will be cleaned and clean towels will be restocked. Everything will be left spotless. Your bathroom floor will be swept/vacuumed, mopped, and disinfected.

Living room cleaning

 Living room cleaning

The cleaning teams that perform the End of Tenancy cleaning service will arrive fully equipped and will follow detailed task lists to ensure the whole property is immaculate by the end of the project. They will dust and wipe various surfaces throughout the property, vacuum upholstery and mattresses, and declutter and organise living areas. Windows will be washed inside and out and all rubbish will be disposed of. All glass and wooden furniture will be treated with appropriate cleaning solutions. Carpeted and hard floors will be vacuumed and mopped. Sanitisation of commonly touched objects will take place (door knobs, light switches, remote controls and others). The high quality of the service is guaranteed.

Bedroom cleaning

Bedroom cleaning

The deep cleaning of a bedroom is an essential part of the End of Tenancy cleaning service. To ensure that everything has been taken care of, we provide our professionals with to-do lists that they follow. All bedroom furniture will be thoroughly dusted, polished and disinfected. Closets, wardrobes and drawers will be emptied, cleaned inside and out and neatly reorganised. Bed linen will be cleaned, pressed and restocked inside. The mattress of your bed will be vacuumed and sanitised. The bedroom floor will be vacuumed and mopped and all frequently touched items will be carefully disinfected. The whole room will be neatly organised and left in immaculate condition.

Client feedback on our End of Tenancy Cleaning service

Unequalled End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in Dulwich

You will not be sorry if you choose our service for help and here is why:

  • We have a reasonable price system and all of our prices are considerate of your budget
  • Our company provides the cleaning agents and tools and they are included in the price you pay
  • Our cleaners are vetted and background-checked
  • We have advantageous work hours and we work on weekends and bank holidays
  • We do not have hidden charges
  • Our end of tenancy is available for your lodging or your office
  • Our cleaners operate in Dulwich, SE21 and our end of tenancy cleaning service can be booked only here

I am fed up with the constant moving in and out. But I am really thankful I found your end of tenancy cleaning services and I booked with you. You were just on the exact time of our appointment, brought all the necessary cleaning supplies and did the great job. You adhered to your words and you were so professional! – Greg

Our cleaning service includes a deep and thorough cleaning of every room in your lodging. Our cleaners are not afraid of any cleaning job. They will wipe the exterior of appliances, they will scrub tiles and grouts, disinfect the toilet, they will clean inside cupboards, they will vacuum carpeting, mop floors, dust thoroughly, clean windows, clean light fittings, clean furniture, etc. They will sanitise and take out the trash. And our service will take approximately four hours, depending on your property.

Convenient End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

carpet cleanWhen you choose our company for help, you are choosing professionals with years of experience to clean your lodging. Our company works to your high standards and we promise you we will follow your requests and will leave your lodging immaculate.

Hurry up and call our company for an appointment now. Here in Dulwich, SE21 our end of tenancy cleaning service helps tenants and landlords and we have the most attractive and yet reasonable prices for our high-quality professional service. Call us now.

How We Clean in Dulwich

When a tenant moves out, the landlord expects to receive the property in the same condition stated in the move-in report. Our company has wealth of experience as an end of tenancy cleaning provider and today offers you a high-quality cleaning service at a relatively good price.

We have assisted already hundreds of people in Dulwich and our flexible cleaning solutions are always deeply appreciated. Our vetted cleaners are ready for action all week round. Once in your leased property, they won’t leave until every room is cleaned up to scratch. If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to dial our number.

“Thank god a friend of mine recommended you, honestly! Thanks to your help I got a full refund on my deposit back. What is more, my letting agent was really pleased with the way I had cleaned. I will definitely take advantage of your services again when my current tenancy agreement is due – Oliver”

“Your end of tenancy cleaning team left my property half an hour ago. I just can’t believe what they’ve done – everything is sparkling clean. I was especially glad to see what you’ve done with the oven. It’s even cleaner than when I moved in. I recommended you to all of my friends – Jack”