End of Tenancy Cleaning South Norwood SE25

tenancy cleaning If you are moving out soon and you can’t carry out the final cleaning of the leased property yourself, feel free to ask for our professional help. We are a progressive cleaning company based in South Norwood, SE25 and our cleaning experts are really good at end of tenancy cleaning.

We offer you a thorough and deep cleaning everywhere in the leased property at a price that you can afford. Give us a chance and we will help you to move out on good terms with your landlord and keep the full amount of your deposit.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicesPrice
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

What our end of tenancy cleaning service includes:

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Removal of all grease, dirt, buildup, burned residue, foul odours, mould, and mildew. Surfaces in the kitchen will be cleaned, degreased, and disinfected (counter tops, backsplashes, stove tops, etc.). All corners, shelves, and other areas will be cleaned of dust and cobwebs. Your oven and extractor will be properly cleaned, all grease will be removed, and filters replaced if necessary. Your refrigerator and freezer will be cleaned both inside and out. It is important to defrost them before the cleaning team arrives so that the thorough cleaning of the inside may be possible. Smaller kitchen gadgets like electric kettles and coffee makers will also be washed. They will be scrubbed, disinfected, and descaled. The kitchen sink and its faucets will be cleaned and disinfected.

If your drain needs unclogging or cleaning, our experts will do it. The cabinets, drawers, and shelves will then be emptied, cleaned inside and out, and disinfected. Inside, all goods and silverware will be cleansed, polished, and reorganised. The objects you come into contact with on a daily basis – appliance and light switches, door handles, and so on will be disinfected. Every End of Tenancy service we provide concludes with a thorough cleaning and mopping of the kitchen floor.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Our professional cleaners will arrive fully equipped with professional tools and products. They will remove all dust and cobwebs and wipe down all surfaces in your bathroom. The sink and taps will be descaled, scrubbed and disinfected. Your shower walls and wash basin will be washed and all soap residue will be removed. Tiled walls and grout will be thoroughly cleaned with mould and mildew removed. Shower screens and glass doors will be polished. The bathtub will be washed and disinfected. The toilet and its seat will be scrubbed and all drains will be unclogged and sanitised. Cupboards, medicine cabinets and drawers will be emptied and deep cleaned inside and out.

The things inside will be reorganised. The rugs in your bathroom will be steam cleaned and shower curtains will be replaced if needed. All fixtures and faucets, your shower head and hose will be descaled and disinfected. Towels will be cleaned and restocked. The floors of your bathroom will be thoroughly swept and mopped and all regularly touched objects such as door handles and light switches will be wiped clean and disinfected. You may rest assured that your whole bathroom will be left spotless and immaculate.

Living room cleaning

 Living room cleaning

Deep cleaning of various surfaces and objects in the your property is included in the End of Tenancy cleaning service we offer. You may rest assured that our professionals will take care of everything – they follow detailed task lists with everything included in the job. They will begin by dusting and wiping down wooden and glass surfaces, furniture, lamp shades, window sills and other areas of the apartment. They will also vacuum upholstery and carpets, clean and declutter cupboards and drawers and disinfect commonly touched objects such as door handles, light switches and remote controls. All rubbish from the property will be disposed of and all areas will be left immaculate and sanitised.

Bedroom cleaning

Bedroom cleaning

As a part of the End of Tenancy cleaning service, the bedroom in your property will be deep cleaned. Your bed linen will be removed, washed, pressed and neatly restocked in the closet. The whole surface of your mattress will be thoroughly vacuumed and spot treated. Bedroom furniture will be dusted and wiped down and all cupboards, closets and drawers will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out and neatly reorganised. Carpets and hardwood floors in the bedroom will be vacuumed and mopped. Once the whole bedroom has been cleaned, the experts on our team will thoroughly disinfect all frequently touched objects such as light switches and remote controls. The whole bedroom area will be left in pristine condition.

Client feedback on our End of Tenancy Cleaning service

First class end of tenancy cleaning services in South Norwood

We have helped already hundreds of tenants and the results of our work are always highly appreciated. Everyone who chooses our services receives individual attention and a proper cleaning solution.

Work with us and get:

  • Fast response to your request in South Norwood, SE25 and the surrounding areas
  • Professional end of tenancy cleaning at a decent price
  • A variety of booking appointments also on weekends and bank holidays
  • Our fully trained and professionally equipped cleaning experts at a time that fits your busy schedule

I’m really chuffed with your end of tenancy cleaning services. I couldn’t handle by myself with all the pressure of the moving out. Thanks to you I had the easiest and worry-free moving out. You provided all the necessary cleaning equipment and a guarantee for the results. I am so impressed! – Adele

In order to provide competent end of tenancy cleaning to our clients, we constantly strive for improvement. Our cleaning experts work always with the most modern cleaning materials available on the market. We assure you that they possess all the required skills to remove the dirt from absolutely every area of your property.

Flexible end of tenancy cleaning

carpet clean Moving out is usually connected with deadlines. Therefore, we always provide fast cleaning solution to our customers. You can count on us exactly when you need us! We won’t keep you waiting. From us you can expect only loyal attitude and fulfilled promises.

Our company provides the most professional end of tenancy cleaning services in South Norwood, SE25. If you want to move out without any difficulties and keep your deposit, just get in touch with us. We have plenty of call centre representatives, who will answer all of your questions and guide you through the booking form. Hurry up, we are waiting for your call!

“Thank you for the great job and for the astonishing results, which definitely made me more than satisfied and proved me that I made the right choice with you. My landlady gave me the deposit back and told me she was really impressed by your professionalism! You are the best!” – Margaret

“I am happy that I left the end of tenancy cleaning in the hands of your professionals! They managed to achieve even better results than the ones that my landlord and I expected to get. You gave us both fast and efficient results in the same time and we are thankful for that!” – Amber

If you are trying to move out of your current rental place in the easiest way possible, then we recommend you to hire our company’s end of tenancy cleaning service. We are capable of making the entire process of moving out a lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

We assure you that thanks to our extensive experience in this field, our amazing staff and the commercial cleaning tools which we use, even the messiest accommodation can become the most attractive property in entire South Norwood. We take our job very seriously and we work hard to achieve the highest levels of excellence.