Want to clean your house in Barnet EN5?

house cleaning servicesWe provide professional house cleaning for all the residents of Barnet. Keeping you and your family healthy in a healthy environment is now more easier than ever. We can clean any room or area you want us to and do so with precision and perfection.

What makes us so efficient is our personal love for cleaning, when our team cleans and freshens your house they don’t feel burdened or irritated, they love their job and we believe this is the best way to get best results. All the cleaning products and equipment we use have been tested and approved by specialists who are also one of our personal company consultants.

House Cleaning ServicesPrice
Regular Cleaningfrom £19
One Off Cleaningfrom £20
Spring Cleaningfrom £20
Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Domestic Cleaners for Barnet

house cleaning services in LondonWe realise that cleaning can be very time- and energy-consuming. In addition to your busy life, it turns out that it is almost impossible to take care of everything. That is why we have established our company to help people who just do not succeed in coping with the cleaning duties.

We are a leading house cleaning supplier based in Barnet and nearby areas. We suggest that you book with us and save yourself the troubles. You deserve to enjoy your free time, not spending it in cleaning. We can do it instead of you. For an economical price you can reserve on of our cleaning teams. Call us.

    All the tasks our professional house cleaning service covers:

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    When it comes to cleaning, kitchens take additional care. To guarantee that nothing is overlooked in your home, we prepare detailed work lists that our professionals stick to during each cleaning service we provide. They will handle all jobs with care, ensuring that your kitchen is clean, disinfected, and safe for you to use again. Here’s what you can expect from the service:

    • Degreased, cleansed, disinfected, and polished kitchen surfaces, counters, tiled walls, and other cooking areas.
    • Scrubbed and descaled kitchen sink and faucets. They will be completely disinfected as well.
    • Cupboards, drawers, and shelves will all be emptied, cleaned inside and out, and neatly refilled.
    • Externally cleaned kitchen appliances and smaller utensils.
    • Emptied, washed, and sanitised garbage can.
    • Vacuumed and mopped kitchen floor.
    • The cleaners will hoover any upholstery in the kitchen and disinfect surfaces that are frequently handled, such as light switches, appliance buttons, door handles, and so on.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    Our experienced cleaners will thoroughly clean the living rooms at your property. They will adhere to task lists that cover all jobs to be completed at your house and will leave it immaculate. Nothing will be overlooked, and you can be confident that the service will be of exceptional quality. The following are some of the tasks that will be completed:

    • Dusting, polishing, and cobweb removal- walls, ceilings, and other surfaces that require cleaning will be wiped down and polished.
    • Vacuuming – carpets and upholstery will be carefully vacuumed . The cleaners will also reach under and behind furniture.
    • Surface cleaning of glass – windows, mirrors, framed portraits, and other items will be polished with appropriate products.
    • Reorganising and decluttering – cupboards and shelves will be properly cleaned and decluttered.
    • Disinfection – Any items regularly touched will be disinfected ( light switches, door handles and remote controls.).
    • The entire floor will be vacuumed and mopped, leaving everything spotless, clean, and in excellent condition. You can be confident that no duties will be overlooked during the service.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    In every bathroom, mould, mildew, soap scum, and limescale quickly accumulate. To guarantee that everything has been removed, we provide specific work lists to all cleaners on our team, which they follow during the service. As part of the service, you may be expected to receive the following tasks:

    • Removal of dust and cobwebs – wiping down and polishing walls, ceilings, and furniture in your bathroom.
    • Fixture and faucet descaling – the sink, taps, toilet and seat, as well as the shower, hose, and shower head, will be scrubbed, rinsed, and fully disinfected.
    • Mould and buildup removal – mould, mildew, and soap scum will be removed from tiled walls, shower cabins, wash basins, and other surfaces that require cleaning.
    • -shower curtains and carpets will be steam cleaned and replaced if necessary.

    • Cupboard and medicine cabinet cleaning – bathroom cabinets, drawers, and cupboards will be decluttered and cleaned on the inside and out.
    • All regularly touched objects, such as taps, door handles, and light switches, will be completely disinfected by the cleaners.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    A thorough cleaning of your bedroom is an essential component of any of the cleaning services we do. You may be confident that our cleaning professionals will handle everything according to the comprehensive work lists we supply them. Some of the cleaning jobs you will receive as part of the service are listed below:

    • Dusting and cobweb removal – dust, cobwebs, and debris will be removed from ceilings, walls, and corners.
    • Furniture polishing – wooden and glass furniture will be wiped and polished using appropriate cleaning solutions.
    • Storage space clearing and organisation – cupboards, closets, and drawers will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • Cleaning of bed linens – bed sheets, blankets, and pillows will be removed, washed, and pressed. Your bed will be made up with new sheets.
    • Mattress cleaning entails vacuuming and stain removal of your mattress.
    • At the end of the service, our professionals will hoover and clean your bedroom floor, as well as disinfect door handles and often touched objects throughout the room.

    House Cleaners EN5

    If you are too busy with work or traveling, you no longer have to worry about the cleanness of your home while you are gone. Our professional cleaning company offers a house cleaning service at a reasonable price that will help you with the household chores.

    You can easily call us and tell us what parts of the house or apartment you want cleaned. Our team of professional cleaners in Barnet will certainly come up to your expectations and meet your requirements. All you have to do is give is a call and we will do anything in order to make your home shine!

    before after cleaningThere are certain moments when you fall deep into the rabbit hole called the Internet and you end up scrolling through interior design boards for hours on end. You look through these amazing homes and wonder does anyone actually live in them.

    If this will make things for you easier, we are going to tell you that the answer is probably No. Our cleaning company has been in the house cleaning field in Barnet for quite some time now and we would love to show you why so many people trust us on a daily basis.

    “When your cleaners are at my home, I am sure that every corner of it is treated with utmost care. Thanks to your domestic cleaning services I can enjoy my immaculate home to the fullest. I was so impressed with your practical pricing system. And booking is so easy.- Chad”

    “Excellent domestic cleaning services, efficiently and quickly delivered. The housekeepers arrived on time and cleaned everything just in the way I wanted. They gave an ear to all my preferences and did everything as requested. Plus, it is always so easy to get through on the phone! Great!- Gwen”

    Do not have second thoughts to contact our company any time you are in need of extra pairs of hands to help you tackle the never-ending chores around your home. We collaborate with professional and trained cleaners who can clean your entire property from ceiling to floor in no time at all. They are detail-oriented and hard-working. In case you have some specific requirements or preferences, feel free to share them with us.

    We will do the best we are capable of in order to present the most pristine end results. We hope to hear from you soon. We are available in Barnet.