Want to clean your house in Kingston Upon Thames KT1?

house cleaning servicesYou can bid farewell to the surprise visits of friends which make you frantically clean your house and trying to tidy up the mess you call a living room. With our house cleaning service, your house can be clean and welcoming seven days per week and you don’t have to do anything about it.

Our company has been in the house cleaning field in Kingston Upon Thames for more than a decade now and we have managed to learn so much about customer service and how to treat our clients in the best way possible. Our house cleaning service is a real treat.

House Cleaning ServicesPrice
Regular Cleaningfrom £19
One Off Cleaningfrom £20
Spring Cleaningfrom £20
Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Domestic Cleaners for Kingston Upon Thames

house cleaning services in LondonNo matter how hard you tr, your house can never look like the houses in your favorite TV show and this is something that bothers you in a way that can’t be described. You clean and clean, but the results are still pretty mediocre and not to your liking.

This can easily change once you start working with our Kingston Upon Thames based company. We can offer you the most comprehensive house cleaning session and our performance is always at a superior level, because of the professional cleaning products we use during our sessions.

    All the tasks our professional house cleaning service covers:

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    Everyone understands how unpleasant it is to clean a kitchen. We provide our professionals with specific task lists that they follow to guarantee that we cover all cleaning jobs included in the services we offer. These lists feature a variety of activities, including:

    • Dusting and wiping – furniture, tops of cabinets and appliances, and any other surfaces that may require it.
    • Scrubbing and degreasing – all kitchen areas will be cleansed, rinsed, and polished. Countertops, backsplashes, stove tops, tiled surfaces, glass table tops, cutting boards, and other similar items.
    • Organizing and decluttering – all drawers, cupboards, and shelves will be cleaned inside and out, and everything will be refilled.
    • Disinfection of all regularly touched objects, such as handles, light switches, and buttons.
    • Washing up – all dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, and other items will be cleansed and returned to their proper places.
    • Vacuuming – any upholstery in the kitchen, as well as carpets and rugs.
    • Your drains will be unclogged, the kitchen floor will be mopped, and all rubbish will be removed. The entire kitchen will be left shining and spotless. You will be able to start utilising it immediately.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    Your living room will be thoroughly cleaned as a part of any service you book with our company. Our professional cleaning experts will work hard and follow detailed task lists that include all cleaning jobs that will be performed during the service. By the time they are finished, your living room will be spotless and immaculate. Here are some of the tasks you should expect:

    • Dust and cobweb removal -ceilings, walls, tops of furniture, decorations and different areas that need wiping down.
    • Wood polishing – wooden furniture, shelves and other ornaments will be cleaned and polished with suitable products.
    • Glass surface cleaning – mirrors, glass table tops, windows, framed pictures and other glass surfaces will be cleaned.
    • Vacuuming – upholstery will be thoroughly vacuumed (including under and behind ), as well as all carpets and floors.
    • Decluttering – cupboard, shelves, drawers and other units will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • At the end of the service, the whole floor of your living room will be thoroughly mopped and all commonly touched items such as remote controls, light switches, door handles and others will be disinfected. The whole room will be left in pristine condition.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    Thorough bathroom cleaning will be performed by our professional cleaners as part of any of the services we offer. They will ensure that all grime, buildup, mould and mildew have been removed by following detailed task lists. These lists include a lot of activities that will be carefully taken care of. Here is what to expect:

    • Wiping down of all surfaces and furniture – dust and grime removal from all surfaces in the bathroom (countertops, shelves, tiled surfaces and others).
    • Limescale removal from the sink, fixtures and faucets – all will be scrubbed, washed and polished.
    • Cleaning and organising – cupboards, shelves, drawers and other storage units will be decluttered and thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
    • Steam cleaning – the rugs in your bathroom and all shower curtains will be deep cleaned and disinfected.
    • Scrubbing of all washing areas – the bathtub, shower, wash basin, toilet and all walls will be scrubbed and left spotless.
    • Disinfection – all taps, light switches, appliance buttons, and other frequently touched items will be sanitised.
    • At the end of the service, the whole place will be deodorised and all rubbish will be removed.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    The bedroom area of your property will be thoroughly cleaned by our professional cleaners. All experts arrive fully equipped and follow detailed lists including all jobs that should be performed as part of the service. Here are some of the cleaning activities you may expect to be executed in your bedroom:

    • Surface cleaning – walls, ceilings and furniture will be wiped down and polished. All cobwebs will be removed.
    • Decluttering, organising and cleaning of furniture – cupboards, drawers and other storage spaces will be emptied, cleaned inside and out, and reorganised.
    • Mattress cleaning – Your mattress will be vacuumed and spot treated.
    • Bed linens washing and replacing – bed sheets will be removed from your bed, washed and pressed. Fresh linen will be put on the bed.
    • Floor cleaning – thorough vacuuming and mopping of the floor will be performed.
    • The cleaners will deodorise the whole room and disinfect door handles, remote controls and light switches. The bedroom will be left immaculate, disinfected and refreshed.

    House Cleaners KT1

    Break out of those restrains for once in a while that are keeping you from enjoying your free time, by giving our house cleaning service a shot. The service we provide you with will do the same chores you do around the house but ten times better.

    If there is anyone on the Kingston Upon Thames market who can offer a flawless maintenance of a client’s home that would be us. As soon as our cleaners arrive at the scene, they get straight to work, making sure that everything is spotless from one end of the house to the other.

    before after cleaningBeing leading house cleaning provider, has won us recognition among hundreds of clients in Kingston Upon Thames. We want you to know that we offer the most reasonable pricing system in the entire and that we hire only talented and skilled technicians who are ready to take action. Place your trust in us and give us a call. We are worth it.

    When our cleaners clean, they utilise only high-end equipment which is known to be the best on the market. Rest assured because you do not have to pay anything extra for it. Your home will be deeply sanitised and disinfected once you decide to book with us.

    “Your cleaners have just left and I can’t recommend them enough. All domestic chores on my list were covered and now everything looks great. They were friendly and well-mannered as well as hard-working and diligent. I won’t hesitate to book your house cleaning again. – Robert”

    “I recommend this company to every busy parent. Since their maid has been visiting me, I have time for everything and my home is always clean. I am also very pleased with their reasonable rates. Reliable cleaning company that saves me a lot of efforts. Many thanks. – Kate”

    There is no need to torture yourself just because there is hardly any time to do a proper house cleaning. Now, there is an easy and quick way to clean every part of your precious home. Call our company and book our house services and your house or apartment will look outstanding.

    We can assure you that we are the only cleaning company in Kingston Upon Thames which you can trust. We will never let you down and we will use our best cleaning tools and products to achieve brilliant results. Feel free to share your preferences and needs with us and we will work hard to satisfy them.