Want to clean your house in Uxbridge UB8?

house cleaning servicesThere is a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, yes. But in this case your trash is the dust and clutter in your home and we want to help you take it off your hands. Localized in Uxbridge, with more than 5 years of experience in the cleaning business, our house cleaning system is the nightmare of any clutter.

Thanks to the dedication and devotion of our customized cleaning services available for everybody and suitable for every budget, we take pride in being the best in our field of work. Call our phones and let our operators help set up a customized cleaning plan that fits your schedule and pockets!

House Cleaning ServicesPrice
Regular Cleaningfrom £19
One Off Cleaningfrom £20
Spring Cleaningfrom £20
Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Domestic Cleaners for Uxbridge

house cleaning services in LondonMake a decisions that will bring you a lot of happiness and piece of mind when you come home from work every day. We are offering you a house cleaning service a few times a week so you can relieve yourself from the extra chores you have to do during what is supposed to be your free time.

Take that time off for yourself and let a professional come in and take care of everything. The house cleaners we have are experts in the Uxbridge area. They are going to be absolutely certain that your home is spotless by the time they have to leave.

    All the tasks our professional house cleaning service covers:

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    When it comes to cleaning, kitchens take additional care. To guarantee that nothing is overlooked in your home, we prepare detailed work lists that our professionals stick to during each cleaning service we provide. They will handle all jobs with care, ensuring that your kitchen is clean, disinfected, and safe for you to use again. Here’s what you can expect from the service:

    • Degreased, cleansed, disinfected, and polished kitchen surfaces, counters, tiled walls, and other cooking areas.
    • Scrubbed and descaled kitchen sink and faucets. They will be completely disinfected as well.
    • Cupboards, drawers, and shelves will all be emptied, cleaned inside and out, and neatly refilled.
    • Externally cleaned kitchen appliances and smaller utensils.
    • Emptied, washed, and sanitised garbage can.
    • Vacuumed and mopped kitchen floor.
    • The cleaners will hoover any upholstery in the kitchen and disinfect surfaces that are frequently handled, such as light switches, appliance buttons, door handles, and so on.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    As a part of our domestic cleaning servicel, your living room will be taken care of and by the time the cleaning team has finished, it will be spotless and immaculate. These are some of the tasks included in the detailed job list they follow while performing the service:

    • Wiping down surfaces – furniture, shelves, ceilings, walls, and other areas that need it will be wiped down, dusted, and polished.
    • Wood and glass cleaning – all furniture that has glass or wooden ornaments will be carefully cleaned with suitable products for the particular materials.
    • Decluttering and organisation – cupboards, shelves, drawers and other storage units will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • Vacuuming – thorough vacuuming of all carpets and upholstery will take place. That includes under and behind furniture.
    • Polishing – windows (inside and out), glass table tops, framed pictures and mirrors will be wiped down and left spotless.
    • Your living room will be thoroughly disinfected, especially the places you most frequently touch.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    When it comes to bathroom cleaning, detailed task lists are provided to all cleaning professionals that perform the cleaning services we offer. The lists include various tasks that will leave your bathroom immaculate and disinfected. Here is what to expect by the service:

    • Dust and cobweb removal – walls, ceilings, countertops and furniture will be wiped down and polished.
    • Scrubbing of sinks, toilets and other fixtures – your sink and its taps, the toilet, seat and shower fixtures will be scrubbed. All limescale will be removed and everything will be polished and disinfected.
    • Build up removal – tiled walls, showers and other surfaces that need thorough cleaning will be scrubbed with all soap scum, mould and mildew removed.
    • Shower screens and other glass surfaces will be polished. All residue will be removed and the glass will be polished with appropriate cleaning products.
    • Waste disposal – rubbish bins will be emptied and thoroughly washed.
    • Cupboard and drawer cleansing – all storage units will be decluttered and washed inside and out.
    • Bathroom floor cleaning – the entire floor will be vacuumed and mopped.
      Rugs and shower curtains will be cleaned and replaced if needed. Taps, light switches and other items that are touched on a regular basis will be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    The bedroom area of your property will be thoroughly cleaned by our professional cleaners. All experts arrive fully equipped and follow detailed lists including all jobs that should be performed as part of the service. Here are some of the cleaning activities you may expect to be executed in your bedroom:

    • Surface cleaning – walls, ceilings and furniture will be wiped down and polished. All cobwebs will be removed.
    • Decluttering, organising and cleaning of furniture – cupboards, drawers and other storage spaces will be emptied, cleaned inside and out, and reorganised.
    • Mattress cleaning – Your mattress will be vacuumed and spot treated.
    • Bed linens washing and replacing – bed sheets will be removed from your bed, washed and pressed. Fresh linen will be put on the bed.
    • Floor cleaning – thorough vacuuming and mopping of the floor will be performed.
    • The cleaners will deodorise the whole room and disinfect door handles, remote controls and light switches. The bedroom will be left immaculate, disinfected and refreshed.

    House Cleaners UB8

    If your house feels like it needs a proper cleaning session, you are probably one of he hundreds people struggling to find the spare time to clean it. You can dedicate twenty minutes to it every day, but this is often impossible, so you are left with a mediocre state of cleanliness.

    Our Uxbridge based house cleaning company is here to solve all of your problems and change your whole life. You can book a one time only house cleaning session, or schedule regular ones every week. Book one of our cleaning teams and see the results yourself.

    before after cleaningOur company is willing to give you an assistant hand with cleaning. You do not have to do it on your own when there is a reputable house cleaning provider in Uxbridge. Take advantage of our cleaning sessions and professional cleaners who are able to give you such outstanding results that you will be breathless after you enter your home. We are confident enough to give you our word that you will be satisfied with our professional attitude.

    Contact our company and we will take care of the rest. For a short time we will restore your home’s initial sparkle and freshness.

    “I recommend this company to all busy people. We have been using their house cleaning for several weeks already and so far everything is great. The maid is always on time, covers all required duties and never misses a detail. She is friendly and responsive as well as thorough and professional – Matilda”

    “A friend recommended this company when I was searching for a housekeeper. It’s been a month since I am using their services and can say only positive things about their maid. She is friendly, tactful and diligent. I would recommend her to my friends with pleasure. – Caroline”

    When the housekeeping chores are all you do in your spare time, you should allow yourself some rest and leave the dirty work to someone else. Give our company a call and let our professional cleaners handle any stain and trace of dirt in your home. We assure you that the final result will amaze you.

    If you are looking for a way to achieve a great look for your home, you can always rely on our house services. We have been working in this field for a long time and throughout the years of our experience, we have helped a lot of our Uxbridge customers. We hope that you will also trust us.