Need Professional Cleaning Services in Archway N19?

professional cleaning LondonThanks to our professional cleaning services you no longer need to worry whether your floors are polished or not, because thanks to our incredible regular cleaning service they will always be clean to perfection.

Cleaning is a hobby of ours, we do not see it as a job. The prices are reasonable and all the services are extremely thorough. Materials and detergents are on us, free of charge. This applies to all our services, such as carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and many more. We are happy to bring cleanness in the homes of the residents of Archway.

Professional CleaningPrice
End Of Tenancy Cleaningfrom £89
Professional Carpet Cleaningfrom £55
Professional Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Professional Cleaners in N19

professional cleaning servicesDoes your residential property or office premise require a professional cleaning? Whether it goes about a after party cleaning or an yearly deep cleaning, we are always available in Archway to satisfy your cleaning needs.

What we offer our valued customers is a service that includes comprehensive cleaning of all rooms, hoovering carpets, washing hard floors, removal of all grime deposits, etc. We are able also to prepare a cleaning plan as per customer’s preferences. Our excellent professional cleaning is suitable for each and every taste. For any further information, our responsive call centre agents remain at your disposal.

    Cleaning tasks, included in our professional cleaning service

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    In the kitchen, dirt and grime quickly accumulate. They are undoubtedly a difficult section of the house to clean.To guarantee that no cleaning duties are overlooked throughout the service we generate task lists that include all jobs that are required. Everything will be handled by the cleaning pros on our team. Below are some of the basic tasks covered by the service:

    • Surface dusting and cleaning – worktops, shelves, tables, and tiled surfaces will all be wiped down and cleaned. Dust, cobwebs, grease, and filth will be cleaned with proper tools and products.
    • Organisation and decluttering – Kitchen cabinets and drawers will be decluttered and thoroughly cleaned both internally and externally.
    • Dishes will be washed – all silverware and kitchen equipment will be cleansed, polished, and neatly arranged.
    • Appliance cleaning – Ovens, refrigerators, extractors, and microwaves will be degreased and cleaned on the outside.
    • Floor cleaning – Your kitchen’s whole floor will be properly swept and mopped.

    If your kitchens have upholstery, it will be vacuumed as well. The cleaners will thoroughly disinfect your kitchen sink’s faucets, appliance and cupboard door handles, and all light switches.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    The bathroom is another place in the house that demands extra time and effort when cleaning. A lot of filth, mould, mildew, and other deposits quickly accumulate there, and we provide professional grade tools and materials to assist our cleaners do everything as efficiently as possible. These are a few examples of basic cleaning tasks that will be carried out on your property:

    • Furniture dusting: All counters, furniture, and other surfaces will be dusted and properly cleaned down.
    • Limescale, soap scum, and mould removal – all deposits from bathroom fixtures, tiled surfaces, sinks, toilets, shower cabins and taps will be removed.
    • Cleaning of shower screens and curtains – Glass shower doors and curtains will be cleansed, washed, and disinfected.
    • Drain cleaning – All bathroom drains will be unclogged and thoroughly cleaned.
    • Waste removal – all garbage containers will be emptied, properly cleaned, and disinfected.

    The cleaners will also scrub and sanitise bathroom faucets, door handles, light switches, and other regularly touched things. All glass surfaces and mirrors will be polished and left pristine, and the entire floor will be swept and mopped.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    The cleaners performing the cleaning service you scheduled will move on to cleaning the living room at your property. Rest assured that no chores will be ignored. Here are some of the cleaning activities you may expect in your living room:

    • Dusting of all surfaces – furniture, shelves and other surfaces will be wiped down, polished and disinfected.
    • Carpet and upholstery vacuum cleaning – your upholstery will be vacuumed. The cleaners will make sure to clean between and under upholstery cushions. The carpets in the room will also be hoovered – that includes the areas under and behind furniture.
    • Decluttering and organisation – shelves, cupboards, cabinets and other storage units will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out and reorganised.
    • Glass cleaning and polishing – framed pictures, mirrors, small windows, and glass table tops and furniture will be wiped down and polished.
    • Disinfection of commonly touched items will take place. The cleaners will make sure all door handles, remote controls and light switches are thoroughly sanitised.

    At the end of the service, our cleaners will vacuum and mop the entire floor of the room. Everything will be left in pristine condition.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    Included in the professional cleaning you will receive from our company is thorough bedroom cleaning. Our cleaners will follow their detailed task lists to make sure no chores have been completed. Here are some of the basic tasks that will be performed at your property:

    • Dusting of various surfaces – furniture, walls and ceilings will be wiped down and polished with suitable products.
    • Mattress cleaning – the entire mattress will be vacuumed (including the sides and underside of it).
    • Bed linen cleaning – all bed sheets will be removed from your bed, washed, ironed and put away. Your bed will be made with a fresh set of sheets.
    • Closet and cabinet cleaning – closets, bed stands and cupboards will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • Floor cleaning – the entire floor of your bedroom will be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped.

    All rubbish will be removed and frequently touched items will be disinfected (those would be light switches, remote controls, door handles and others.)
    Your entire bedroom area will be free of dust, grime and clutter and left immaculate.

    Professional Cleaning Archway

    Here at our company we place great importance on our clients’ satisfaction and their home’s cleanliness. For economical price you can get both of them. We guarantee you that your property will be ideally cleansed and you will be more than happy with it. Establish a contact with our company providing professional cleaning services in Archwayand you will not regret it.

    We have provided ourselves with the most advanced cleaning equipment which can bring back the best in your home. The housekeepers who work with us are devoted to giving you the outstanding results you have always wanted for your property. We are waiting for your call.

    If you feel like you need a helping hand before a big event you plan on hosting in your house, you have come to the right place. Whether it is your daughter’s birthday party or your cousin’s graduation party, our company is here to give your house the best professional cleaning session.

    Our cleaning teams consist of professional cleaning experts only and they are going to deep clean your house before this event, so it looks and feels as presentable as possible. Give us a call and schedule your first professional cleaning session as soon as possible – we offer same day service as well.

    “A few months ago I came across the professional cleaning services of this company and I decided to give their services a try. I must say that I was so happy with the quality of their work and the affordable prices and I decided to become one of their regular clients. – George“

    “As a single parent, I am often struggling to finish the cleaning chores in my home on time. This is why I decided to give this company’s professional cleaning services a try. I was amazed by the variety of services that they provide. The cleaners who came to clean my home recently were true professionals and they achieved wonderful results. – Victoria“

    The professional cleaning services we can provide for you are the best in Archway. Our cleaning technicians are real professionals with long years of experience. They can remove just about any stain and cover each inch of your property.

    Count on us to make your property cleaner than is has ever been, we have been taught how to battle off hard, stubborn stains as well as remove invisible dirt and dust hidden behind and under objects. Not even the smallest dirt particles escape our cleaners’ sight- we make every second count and you can count on us to be as thorough as possible and treat your property with a high standard cleaning.