Need Professional Cleaning Services in Balham SW12?

professional cleaning LondonIf you need top-quality professional cleaning services, we are the experts in Balham to choose. We have great experience in the field of cleaning and we constantly innovate our services. We are able to meet the growing demands of our clients and to deliver quality at reasonable rates.

We invest in high-end cleaning equipment and we provide environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. Our professional cleaners are qualified and receive extensive trainings in green cleaning. You can rely on us for everything when it comes to cleaning. We provide professional carpet care, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning. We can take care of your kitchen appliances- we clean ovens, Aga cookers, stoves, hobs, microwaves. We have specialized in end of tenancy cleaning, after builders cleaning, window cleaning,garden maintenance. With us you can choose from a great variety of options, so, pick up the phone and request our services!

Professional CleaningPrice
End Of Tenancy Cleaningfrom £89
Professional Carpet Cleaningfrom £55
Professional Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Professional Cleaners in SW12

professional cleaning servicesYou have probably heard about the divine professional cleaning service, which has the full capacity to change your life and the way your house feels. But you think that its price will make you break the piggy bank. On the contrary, our cleaning company provides the best price-to-performance ratio and the lowest prices in Balham.

We aim to please and we want to make professional cleaning available for everyone and anyone. Give us a call and enjoy the myriad of benefits coming with a professional cleaning session. We work seven days per week and we won’t charge you extra for a weekend appointment.

    Cleaning tasks, included in our professional cleaning service

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    Kitchens are the dirtiest rooms in any home. As a result, our cleaners will begin the job by cleaning them. We supply them with job lists that comprise a variety of cleaning chores that will take place on your property. Here are a few examples:

    • Dust, grease, and grime removal – tiled walls, backsplashes, furnishings, and worktops will be washed, wiped, degreased, and disinfected thoroughly. You may be confident that no traces of grime will remain.
    • Appliance cleaning entails degreasing, cleaning, and disinfecting of kitchen appliances (refrigerator, oven, microwave, extractor, and so on).
    • Kitchen cutlery and dishes will be washed, polished and placed back where they belong.
    • Cleaning of the kitchen sink and its taps – the sink and its taps will be cleaned, polished, and disinfected. The drain will be cleaned and unclogged (if needed).

    The entire kitchen floor will be vacuumed/swept and mopped. Appliance buttons, door handles, light switches, faucets, and other regularly touched objects will be sanitised. The entire kitchen floor will be vacuumed/swept and mopped, and your property’s entire kitchen area will be left spotless.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    All of the professional cleaning services we offer include thorough bathroom cleaning as well. To make sure everything has been efficiently performed, we provide all our cleaners with high end tools and products. Here are a few of the jobs that will take place at your property:

    • Descaling of surfaces – countertops, faucets and the areas around your shower and sink will be scrubbed, descaled and disinfected.
    • Cupboard cleaning – bathroom cabinets and drawers will be decluttered and wiped down inside and out.
    • Deposit removal – soap scum, mould, mildew and other buildup will be properly removed from tiled walls, shower screens and cabins and bathroom fixtures.
    • Bathroom rug cleaning – all rugs and mats will be steam cleaned and disinfected.
    • Floor cleaning will include vacuuming and mopping the entire floor of your bathroom.

    All commonly touched items will be disinfected, and all waste bins will be emptied and disinfected. The entire bathroom will be lefts in a pristine condition.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    The professional cleaning service you book with our company also includes a thorough cleaning of your living room. The entire area will be disinfected and cleaned of dust and filth. Here are some of the cleaning tasks included in our cleaning specialists’ detailed task lists:

    • Dust and cobweb removal – cleaning products will be used to clean furniture, various surfaces, and sections of the room.
    • Cabinets and shelves will be decluttered, completely cleaned on the inside and outside, and reorganised.
    • Vacuuming – All upholstery will be vacuumed completely ( under and behind sofa cushions as well). The carpets in the living room will be vacuumed – under and behind furniture included.- Glass cleaning and polishing – suitable products will be used to clean and polish glass table tops, furniture, framed pictures, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.
    • Floor cleaning – your living room’s whole floor will be swept and mopped.
    • Glass cleaning and polishing – suitable products will be used to clean and polish glass table tops, furniture, framed pictures, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.
    • Floor cleaning – your living room’s whole floor will be swept and mopped.

    The experts will disinfect frequently touched objects such as light switches, door handles, and remote controls.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    Bedroom cleaning is included in all of the professional cleaning services we provide. The cleaners will stick to their task lists to guarantee that no cleaning duties are overlooked during the service. These are a few examples of the duties you will receive:

    • Storage unit decluttering and cleaning – closets, drawers, and cupboards will be cleaned inside and out.
    • Dusting and polishing – All furniture and surfaces in the bedroom will be wiped down. All dust and cobwebs will be swept away.
    • Bedding – We will wash and press your bed linen. The cleaners will make your bed neatly with a new set of bed linens.
    • Mattress cleaning entails vacuuming your mattress from all sides (including under).
    • Organization – Your desk, vanity, and bedside tables will be neatly organised, with all objects cleaned and disinfected.

    All waste will be disposed of by the end of the service, and all regularly handled items will be disinfected (light switches,remote controls, door handles and others). The cleaners will hoover your carpets, sweep your floors, and mop all of them. The bedroom will be cleaned, organised, and disinfected.

    Professional Cleaning Balham

    Making the most of our day can become an unnecessary stressful task when you add cleaning the house and making sure everything is sparkling clean and your rooms are tidy. Believe it or not, you can make your life much easier with one simple phone call. Let the professionals do the job for you and they won’t disappoint you.

    Our Balham based company is here to provide you with the most detail-oriented professional cleaning service you can find in the area. The cleaning teams performing the cleaning consist of experts who never disappoint.


    Not fond of germs and bacteria? Then keep your home clean. According to scientists, turning a blind eye on cleaning will eventually lead to bacterial outbreak, and trust me, you don’t want to get there. You can’t keep neglecting cleaning but if you’re not fond of the process, you could let others clean for you.

    We, for example, will be more than happy to clean your home for an affordable fee. We operate in Balham exclusively and if you live there – give us a call today. We will deliver professional cleaning services without exceptions. Call us now.

    “I love the idea that I can enjoy my free time and at the same time a team of professional cleaning experts can take care of every cleaning chore in my home. This is why I can always trust the cleaners of this company who are always very polite and dedicated to their job. – James“

    “As soon as I have troubles with a certain cleaning chore, I call this company and they provide their professional cleaning services and solve my problems in no time. The cleaners who carry out the cleaning sessions always pay attention to details and ask me about my needs. The quality of their work is on a very high level. – Mia”

    Are there any cleaning duties that you are not able to tackle on your own? Our company has vast experience as a cleaning provider and offers you a wide range of cleaning services, suitable for your home, office and commercial premise. You can count on us in the entire Balham 7 days per week.

    Whether it is a small domestic task or a big cleaning project, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured that your requirements will be taken into consideration. Our mission is to leave your property as clean as you expect and deliver you peace of mind. To learn more about our flexible professional cleaning, turn to our friendly call centre agents.