Need Professional Cleaning Services in Whetstone, Totteridge N20?

professional cleaning LondonIf you are moving our, take advantage of our incredible offer. Give us a call and book our end of tenancy cleaning service. This is only one of the many other professional cleaning services that we offer. Our company is well known among the residents of Whetstone, Totteridge and we will be more than happy to have you on our side.

Come to the dark side, we have all the cleaning gear necessary! That’s right, we have all the detergents and tools in order to make your place shine. Give us a call and pick a service, we are available seven days a week!

Professional CleaningPrice
End Of Tenancy Cleaningfrom £89
Professional Carpet Cleaningfrom £55
Professional Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Professional Cleaners in N20

professional cleaning servicesSometimes no matter how hard you try and clean it just doesn’t work out the way you want it to. We are located in Whetstone, Totteridge and we provide professional cleaning services for all those who are tired of cleaning and not getting the desired results.

Employ us for a cleaning now and enjoy your free time with friends or family while we transform your home. No clutter or dirt will be left behind after our diligent technicians tackle your home with the latest equipment and cleaning products available on the market. We guarantee you astonishing end cleaning results.

    Cleaning tasks, included in our professional cleaning service

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    All professional cleaning services we offer include thorough cleaning of all areas of the house. This includes kitchens, which are often some of the grimiest places. To help our cleaners perform more efficiently and avoid skipping and neglecting chores, we provide them with thorough task lists that they follow throughout the service. Here are some of the basic tasks that you may expect as part of the cleaning service:

    • Cooking area and surface cleaning – countertops, stove tops, backsplashes, tables, furniture and other grimy surfaces will be wiped down, degreased and polished. Dust and other grime will be removed.
    • Sink cleaning – your kitchen sink and its taps will be descaled, polished and disinfected.
    • Appliance cleaning – all kitchen appliances will be wiped down and cleaned externally. Your oven and extractor will be degreased.
    • Storage unit cleaning – kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • Rubbish disposal – all waste bins will be emptied, washed and thoroughly disinfected.

    Your kitchen floor will be vacuumed and mopped and all door handles, appliance buttons, light switches and other commonly touched items will be disinfected.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    All grime, buildup and other deposits that quickly accumulate in a bathroom, make the cleaning of this area complicated. To ensure that the cleaning service we offer is successful, we provide our cleaners with a number of professional cleaning products that they use to thoroughly clean your whole bathroom. Here are a few of the tasks that are included in their lists:

    • Dust and cobweb removal – all corners, walls and other surfaces throughout the bathroom will be wiped down and cleaned.
    • Decluttering and organising – medicine cabinets, cupboards, shelves and other storage units will be cleared, wiped inside and out and neatly organised.
    • Limescale and other deposit removal – all countertops, sinks, bathtubs, faucets and shower cabins will be scrubbed and descaled. Soap scum will be removed from tiled surfaces, shower screens and other areas that need cleaning.
    • Shower curtain cleaning – mould and mildew will be removed from your shower curtain and its whole surface will be disinfected.
    • Toilet cleaning – the toilet and its seat will be scrubbed and disinfected. All drains will be unclogged and cleaned.

    The entire floor of your bathroom will be vacuumed and mopped, and all door handles, light switches, taps and other frequently touched items will be disinfected. Rubbish will be disposed of and your waste bins will be washed and sanitised.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    Another room that will be cleaned as part of the cleaning service you book with us is the living room. The task lists followed by our cleaners include chores that will be performed as part of the service. Here is what to expect:

    • Furniture and surface cleaning – dust and grime will be removed from various surfaces, furniture and other grimy areas. The cleaners will use suitable cleaning products to polish and disinfect all of them.
    • Organisation of furniture – all living room cabinets and cupboards will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out and reorganised.
    • Carpet and upholstery – all upholstery in the room will be thoroughly vacuumed. Carpets will also be hoovered and the cleaners will make sure to reach underneath and behind furniture.
    • Disinfection – commonly touched objects throughout the living room will be disinfected. That includes light switches, door handles, remote controls and others.
    • Floor cleaning – the entire floor of the living room will be swept and mopped.

    Everything in the room will be organised and deodorised. No signs of dust and grime will be left behind and the living area at your property will be immaculate.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    As part of the cleaning service you book with us, we will also clean your bedroom. Bedroom cleaning tasks are included in the lists we send our cleaners with. You can see some of them down below. You may be confident that the entire bedroom will be completely cleaned and left immaculate.

    • Removal of dust and cobwebs – all furniture, ceilings, walls, and other dusty surfaces will be wiped down and dusted.
    • Bed linen washing – your bed sheets will be washed and pressed, and your bed will be made with fresh sheets.
    • Mattress cleaning – After your bed linen is removed, your mattress will be thoroughly vacuumed (including the underside).
    • Storage unit decluttering and cleaning. – Closets, drawers, and cupboards throughout the bedroom will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out, and reorganised.
    • Floor cleaning entails thoroughly vacuuming or sweeping the entire bedroom floor before mopping with appropriate cleaning products.

    The counters and other surfaces in the bedroom will be carefully organised, and all frequently touched items will be disinfected. The rubbish will be removed, and the bedroom will be left in amazing condition.

    Professional Cleaning Whetstone, Totteridge

    If you live an interesting life and you are always busy having the time of your life, you probably don’t have the time to clean your home properly. What if I tell you that you can still have the perfect life but in the meantime your home will be a clean and tidy place?

    You wonder what kind of sorcery is this? This can happen thanks to our professional cleaning company which offers all kinds of cleaning services and domestic cleaning is one of them. If you are currently living in Whetstone, Totteridge, you can take advantage of our incredible offer.


    If you are concerned about the condition of your home but you barely have a few hours in which you are not working and you wouldn’t want to spend them cleaning.

    This is when we come of use. Our professional cleaning service company now offers a regular e domestic cleaning to the residents of Whetstone, Totteridge. The regularity of the service is up to you – it can be monthly, fortnightly, or weekly. We will always bring everything necessary and we will always clean everything inside and out. Give us a call now and stop worrying about the dusty furniture and the greasy oven.

    “I am convinced that you are the most diligent and effective cleaners in the area. All of my friends are your loyal customers and you really grew on me with the last cleaning that you carried out at home. We had a party and the mess was immense! Thanks God you responded quickly and handled everything to perfection. – Simon”

    “Such a friendly and effective cleaning service! Ever since I first employed you to clean my living room I have been relying on your whenever I am facing a cleaning chore that is out of my league. You proved to me that every stain and dirt spot can be removed if it has been dealt with accordingly. – Jen”

    When the tough week at work has drained you completely, you can always leave the tedious cleaning chores to the amazing cleaners of our company. As one of the leading cleaning companies in Whetstone, we are always ready to provide our professional cleaning services to our clients and ease the burden on them.

    Feel free to contact us any day of the week, including the weekends, and we will provide you with the professional cleaning help of our amazing cleaning experts. If you book our services you can forget about wasting your free time and energy. Instead of that you can enjoy your weekends and still be on top of every cleaning task.