End of Tenancy Cleaning Hendon NW4

tenancy cleaning Every tenant needs to carry out a final cleaning before they move out. If you can’t ensure the level of cleanliness and make your landlord satisfied with the condition of the property, feel free to contact our company. We are your trusted local contractor in Hendon, NW4 and offer you our excellent end of tenancy cleaning services.

Let us clean your rented property and it will be in perfect condition when the inventory clerk rings the bell. We have enough of qualified cleaning experts and will send them to your address at the first convenient time for you.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicesPrice
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

What our end of tenancy cleaning service includes:

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Whenever you book the End of Tenancy service, a team of professional and experienced cleaners will arrive at your place fully equipped with everything required for the service they are about to perform. They will collect all rubbish, dust and wipe down walls, work surfaces, and other areas. If you have any malfunctioning light bulbs, we will provide the cleaners with new ones and they can replace them for you. Once your big appliances and surfaces are clean, your smaller utensils will be taken care of (toasters, coffee machines, blenders, etc.). Electric kettles will be descaled and all cutlery that can be found in any of your drawers will be washed, polished, and reorganised. The kitchen sink and its taps will be scrubbed, descaled and disinfected, the drain will be unclogged if needed and cleaned as well.

Once your cooking area is properly cleaned, the cleaners will take care of your washing machine and dryer. Filters will be changed or replaced, soap drawers will be cleaned and the inside of both will be cleaned and disinfected. The kitchen floor will be vacuumed or swept, then thoroughly mopped. All frequently touched objects (light switches, door handles, buttons of ovens, and other appliances will be disinfected. Your garbage bin will be emptied, washed, scrubbed, and disinfected.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

First of all, all surfaces of your bathroom will be dusted, wiped down, and all cobwebs will be removed. Countertops, and tiled surfaces will be scrubbed and disinfected. Your mirrors will be carefully polished. The toilet and its seat will be scrubbed and disinfected as well. The bathroom sink and its faucets will be descaled and sanitised. The shower walls/ shower screen/ shower cabin will be descaled, washed down and polished and all tiled walls will be scrubbed thoroughly.

Our professional cleaners will make sure to remove all mould, mildew, soap scum, and limescale. Your bath/ shower basin and other fittings will be wiped down, scrubbed, deep cleaned and disinfected. Complete limescale, mould, soap scum, and grime removal is guaranteed. Grout will be thoroughly cleaned. Shower head, taps, and hose will be cleaned and sanitised. All drains will be unclogged (if needed), cleaned and refreshed. Shower curtains, towels, and bathroom rugs will be deep steam cleaned. All bathroom cupboards, drawers and shelves will be decluttered/emptied, cleaned inside and out and neatly restocked. Rubbish bins will be emptied, washed and disinfected and your bathroom floors will be swept/vacuumed and thoroughly mopped. The whole place will be left immaculate and we guarantee that both you and your landlord will be satisfied.

Living room cleaning

 Living room cleaning

Deep cleaning of various surfaces and objects in the your home is included in the End of Tenancy cleaning service we offer. You may rest assured that our professionals will take care of everything – they follow detailed task lists with everything included in the job. They will begin by dusting and wiping down wooden and glass surfaces, furniture, lamp shades, window sills and other areas of the property. They will also vacuum upholstery and carpets, clean and declutter cupboards and drawers and disinfect commonly touched objects such as door handles, light switches and remote controls. All rubbish from the property will be disposed of and all areas will be left immaculate and sanitised.

Bedroom cleaning

Bedroom cleaning

Professional cleaning experts perform the End of Tenancy cleaning service we offer. Here are some of the things that will be performed in the bedroom of the property. The employees will empty cupboards and drawers and carefully clean them inside and out. The linens will be removed from your bed, washed, pressed, then neatly stocked in your closet. The mattress will be vacuumed from all sides and the carpet in the bedroom (if there is one) will be vacuumed as well. The disinfection of commonly touched objects and items throughout the room will follow and by the end of the service the bedroom will look flawless.

Client feedback on our End of Tenancy Cleaning service

Impeccable end of tenancy cleaning services in Hendon

In order to provide a service that ensures the highest level of cleanliness, we renew our cleaning materials regularly and collaborate only with skilful and diligent cleaning experts. All of them undergo a special training and work with the most modern cleaning tools and detergents.

What do you win if you choose our company?

  • We are available also on weekends and bank holidays
  • You can count on us everywhere in Hendon, NW4
  • The prices of our end of tenancy cleaning services are budget friendly
  • We have a flexible schedule and won’t keep you waiting

I’d like to express my opinion for your end of tenancy cleaning services. I am more than pleased with the achieved results, but what really astonished me was your respectful and personal attitude to my needs. I needed an immediate response, so I had it with you. You also guaranteed me for the successful final inspection! – Nix

We promise that our cleaning experts will carry out a comprehensive cleaning everywhere in your leased property. They work precisely and won’t miss a single spot. You can rest assured that dirt will be removed from even the most inaccessible places.

Customer focused end of tenancy cleaning

carpet clean Our company provides the most competent end of tenancy cleaning in the region. As customers have different desires, we have an individual approach towards every client. For us is important not only to do a sufficient cleaning but also to provide a solution that fits the needs of our clients.

If you are interested in our end of tenancy cleaning services, just contact our call centre representatives. We are at your disposal in the entire Hendon, NW4 and no matter the condition of the property, we promise to make it perfectly clean and help you keep the full amount of the deposit.

How We Clean in Hendon

Do not hesitate to take up a contact with our company any time you are in need of extra pairs of hands to help you with the final cleaning of the property you are about to vacate. We are the company in Hendon that specialises in the end of tenancy cleaning and we assure you that the results we will provide you with will simply amaze you.

Our of our housekeepers are true experts in the cleaning business and they know how to deliver you outstanding outcome and how to impress your landlord in order to give your security deposit back.

“Amazing end of tenancy cleaning, practical rates and honest attitude. Your housekeepers worked hard for a couple of hours and the end results were satisfying. Thanks to you the final meeting with my landlord passed smoothly and he gave me the security deposit back. I will recommend you to my friends.- Manuel”

“I am so happy I booked your end of tenancy cleaning services and I will book you again next time I move homes. You did a brilliant performance cleaning my rented flat. My landlord was so satisfied with the end results that I was able to keep my security deposit in full.- Anne”