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professional cleaning LondonBook with our professional cleaning services and leave the troubles behind. We are here to help you as much as we can. We are open around the clock all over Brixton for your convenience. Give us the chance to prove to you that we are the best cleaning company available in the entire town.

Our cleaners use the most modern cleaning equipment. We offer you our daily, weekly, monthly or one-off cleaning sessions. We put our pride in being flexible with our customers and their needs. Give us a call and we will supply you with housekeepers at very short notice.

Professional CleaningPrice
End Of Tenancy Cleaningfrom £89
Professional Carpet Cleaningfrom £55
Professional Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Professional Cleaners in SW2

professional cleaning servicesA recent study shows that people with clean homes are up to ten times happier than the ones with messy and unorganized homes. Mess stresses people and may even make them more depressed. Moreover, filthiness is dangerous for the body, not only for the mind – bacteria, allergens and dust can seriously harm you. It turns out that cleaning makes the world go around.

We offer you to alleviate yourself of our professional cleaning services, applicable for homes, mansions and offices alike. If you have a property that needs cleaning in Brixton, call us – that’s right where we operate.

    Checklist – What our professional cleaning service includes:

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    Whenever you book one of our professional cleaning services, a team of experienced cleaners will arrive fully equipped with tools and products. They will also follow a detailed task list to ensure that all cleaning chores have been handled in the best possible way. Your kitchen, as one of the dirtiest areas in a room, will be scrubbed, degreased and thoroughly disinfected. See some of the basic tasks to expect below:

    • Degreasing and disinfection of surfaces – tiled surfaces, backsplashes and other grimy areas where you cook will be wiped down and disinfected. All buildup, grease and grime will be removed and all stains will be cleaned.
    • Appliance cleaning and disinfection – your refrigerator, oven, extractor, microwave and other kitchen appliances you may have will be wiped down and cleaned externally. Grease will be removed and filters will be replaced when needed.
    • Sink cleaning – Your kitchen sink and its taps will be descaled and disinfected. The drain of your sink will be unclogged.
    • Cupboard cleaning – kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out and disinfected.
    • Garbage disposal – all kitchen bins will be emptied, washed and disinfected.
    • Dishwashing – all dishes and cutlery will be washed, polished and placed back in their designated places.

    At the end of the service, the cleaners will thoroughly vacuum and mop your entire kitchen floor and disinfect all door handles and light switches.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    Bathrooms are usually the biggest challenge when it comes to house cleaning. This is why we pay extra attention to the tasks that will be performed at your property and include them in a detailed task list that is followed by our cleaning experts. Your whole bathroom will be scrubbed and left immaculate. Here are some of the basic tasks that will be performed as part of the professional cleaning service you book with us:

    • Surface cleaning and dusting – all cobwebs and dust will be removed from furniture, countertops, walls, ceilings and other surfaces.
    • Descaling – Your bathroom sink, its taps, bathtub, shower and all faucets will be descaled, scrubbed and disinfected.
    • Deposit removal – soap scum, mould and mildew will be removed from all fixtures, tiled surfaces, corners and other areas that need it. Everything will be polished with suitable cleaning products.
    • Decluttering and cleaning of cupboards – all medicine cabinets and drawers will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • Steam cleaning – bathroom rugs and shower curtains will be steam cleaned with all mould and mildew removed.

    Our cleaners will disinfect all buttons, light switches and door handles and will vacuum and mop your entire floor. All rubbish will be disposed of and the entire bathroom will be left immaculate.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    Our cleaning crew will proceed to perform their tasks and clean your living room. Living rooms are typically not particularly dirty; however, our experts will handle any cleaning duties that should be performed there. Here are a some of the tasks that will be completed as part of your cleaning service:

    • Decluttering and organising – Storage units, cupboards, drawers, and shelves will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • Dust and cobweb removal – various surfaces and furnishings that collect dust and grime will be wiped down and polished.
    • Wood and glass polishing – furniture and ornaments made of wood or glass will be cleaned and polished with appropriate products.
    • Vacuuming – carpets and upholstery will be vacuumed properly. This covers places beneath and behind sofa cushions, as well as beneath and behind furniture.
    • Disinfection – Any objects that are regularly touched will be thoroughly disinfected.

    Our cleaners will dispose of all trash and carefully vacuum and mop the entire living room floor once the area has been cleared of dust, filth, and clutter.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    Included in the professional cleaning you will receive from our company is thorough bedroom cleaning. Our cleaners will follow their detailed task lists to make sure no chores have been completed. Here are some of the basic tasks that will be performed at your property:

    • Dusting of various surfaces – furniture, walls and ceilings will be wiped down and polished with suitable products.
    • Mattress cleaning – the entire mattress will be vacuumed (including the sides and underside of it).
    • Bed linen cleaning – all bed sheets will be removed from your bed, washed, ironed and put away. Your bed will be made with a fresh set of sheets.
    • Closet and cabinet cleaning – closets, bed stands and cupboards will be decluttered and cleaned inside and out.
    • Floor cleaning – the entire floor of your bedroom will be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped.

    All rubbish will be removed and frequently touched items will be disinfected (those would be light switches, remote controls, door handles and others.)
    Your entire bedroom area will be free of dust, grime and clutter and left immaculate.

    Professional Cleaning Brixton

    Thanks to our professional service at affordable prices you no longer have to worry about the cleanness of your home, the sparkling of your windows or even the gutters. Now we can do it for you. We always perform our services carefully, always with the right detergents and techniques, depending on the surfaces.

    We are incredibly happy that our services are now available also in Brixton. It is important to mention that the detergents, the machines and the thoroughness are price included. We will clean until we drop, but we will never leave dirt behind.


    Our professional cleaning services in Brixton are here for you even on weekends and bank holidays without an extra charge. All these years we have been working hard so that you can count on us. Our cleaners are highly trained and their cleaning performance is of high insured quality.

    For your convenience, we are always available for you. While you are dealing with more pressing matters, our technicians will complete all of your needs and requests. All you have to do is to establish a contact with our operating representative to have your booking made. We will show you we are worth it.

    “ Thanks to the cleaners who work here I can say that my apartment is spotless. I love seeing it this clean, I will use your service again when I need a deep cleaning. You are the best! Your cleaners are very dedicated and diligent in their work, I admired them the most. -Sam”

    “ I only had one minor complaint about the entire service, but it was fixed right away so it is of no importance. Overall, everything was great -they were easy to book, easy to work with, the cleaners followed my requests when we cleared the problem, and the end result was fantastic. -Lily”

    Our company offers outstanding professional cleaning services. We are sure that whatever you are looking for, we have it. Each and every one of our cleaners is trained to demonstrate amazing skills and ambitious enough to provide you with breath-taking end results. They are able to transform any nook and cranny of your private residence or commercial premise in Brixton.

    We suggest that you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy our highly effective professional assistance and see what it means to be surrounded by a lovely and healthy environment. We know how to impress you, give us a chance to.