Need Professional Cleaning Services in Tooting SW17?

professional cleaning LondonInstead of putting all you free time in cleaning your home, take some time to look for a service that will do that for you. Turn your attention to us, we would like to help you out by offering you professional cleaning service for any day you might need them.

We are going to provide you with a cleaner who is an expert in the filed of Tooting and will do all your chores, ten times better and twice as faster. Once they arrive at your home they will get down to work straight away, making sure that everything is spotless by the early afternoon.

Professional CleaningPrice
End Of Tenancy Cleaningfrom £89
Professional Carpet Cleaningfrom £55
Professional Deep Cleaningfrom £22

Professional Cleaners in SW17

professional cleaning servicesThe best thing one can do for their precious home is to book with our professional cleaning company based in Tooting. We have been in this cleaning sphere long enough to know what is needed to apply proper and thorough cleaning procedures which can restore the sparkle within it.

We hire only talented and diligent workers who stop at nothing when it comes to cleaning. They can cover every room and area for a couple of hours, leaving a pleasant fresh smell just before leaving. There is no need to put yourself in this tedious situation trying to clean the entire property while the professionals are willing to help you.

    Checklist – What our professional cleaning service includes:

    Kitchen cleaning tasks:

    Whenever you book one of our professional cleaning services, a team of experienced cleaners will arrive fully equipped with tools and products. They will also follow a detailed task list to ensure that all cleaning chores have been handled in the best possible way. Your kitchen, as one of the dirtiest areas in a room, will be scrubbed, degreased and thoroughly disinfected. See some of the basic tasks to expect below:

    • Degreasing and disinfection of surfaces – tiled surfaces, backsplashes and other grimy areas where you cook will be wiped down and disinfected. All buildup, grease and grime will be removed and all stains will be cleaned.
    • Appliance cleaning and disinfection – your refrigerator, oven, extractor, microwave and other kitchen appliances you may have will be wiped down and cleaned externally. Grease will be removed and filters will be replaced when needed.
    • Sink cleaning – Your kitchen sink and its taps will be descaled and disinfected. The drain of your sink will be unclogged.
    • Cupboard cleaning – kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out and disinfected.
    • Garbage disposal – all kitchen bins will be emptied, washed and disinfected.
    • Dishwashing – all dishes and cutlery will be washed, polished and placed back in their designated places.

    At the end of the service, the cleaners will thoroughly vacuum and mop your entire kitchen floor and disinfect all door handles and light switches.

    Bathroom cleaning tasks:

    Another cleaning activity included in all professional services we provide is a complete cleaning of your bathroom area. To guarantee that all filth, buildup, and deposits are successfully removed, our cleaners will utilise high grade cleaning products and tools. Here’s what to expect:

    • Scrubbing of various surfaces – soap scum, limescale, mould, and mildew will be removed from countertops, shower cabins, tiled surfaces, and other filthy locations. They will all be disinfected and carefully cleaned.
    • Faucet descaling – The bathroom sink, faucets, shower head, and hose will be descaled, polished, and disinfected.
    • Bathtub and toilet cleaning – the bathtub, toilet and its seat, and other bathroom fixtures will be cleaned and disinfected.
    • Shower screens, glass walls, and shower cabins will be washed and polished using appropriate materials.
    • Bathroom cabinet decluttering – all bathroom cupboards and drawers will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out, and reorganised.

    The entire floor of your bathroom will be swept and mopped, and any frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, etc. will be disinfected. The garbage cans will be emptied, rinsed, and sanitised.

    Living room cleaning tasks:

    The living room at your property will not be overlooked during the professional cleaning service you receive from us. The task lists we provide our cleaners with include living room cleaning tasks. Here are some of the chores that will be a part of the cleaning service:

    • Furniture and surface cleaning – dust and other grime will be removed from furniture, and all surfaces throughout the room that need cleaning.
    • Hoovering – all upholstery in the room will be thoroughly vacuumed, as well as all carpets (that includes the areas under and behind furniture).
    • Organising – all cupboards, shelves, cabinets and other storage units in the room will be decluttered, cleaned inside and out, and reorganised.
    • Rubbish disposal – Waste will be disposed of and rubbish bins in the room will be cleaned and disinfected.
    • Glass surface cleaning – mirrors, framed pictures and other glass surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and polished with suitable products.

    The whole floor of the living room will be thoroughly vacuumed or swept. After that, the cleaners will mop it. As part of the service, they will also disinfect frequently handles items such as remote controls, light switches, appliance buttons, door handles and others.

    Bedroom cleaning tasks:

    Bedroom cleaning is included in all of the professional cleaning services we provide. The cleaners will stick to their task lists to guarantee that no cleaning duties are overlooked during the service. These are a few examples of the duties you will receive:

    • Storage unit decluttering and cleaning – closets, drawers, and cupboards will be cleaned inside and out.
    • Dusting and polishing – All furniture and surfaces in the bedroom will be wiped down. All dust and cobwebs will be swept away.
    • Bedding – We will wash and press your bed linen. The cleaners will make your bed neatly with a new set of bed linens.
    • Mattress cleaning entails vacuuming your mattress from all sides (including under).
    • Organization – Your desk, vanity, and bedside tables will be neatly organised, with all objects cleaned and disinfected.

    All waste will be disposed of by the end of the service, and all regularly handled items will be disinfected (light switches,remote controls, door handles and others). The cleaners will hoover your carpets, sweep your floors, and mop all of them. The bedroom will be cleaned, organised, and disinfected.

    Professional Cleaning Tooting

    Swamped with work and other important duties, families are not always fully aware of the condition of their living space. If not cleaned deeply at least once per year, every property accumulates grime and bacteria, which can’t be eliminated with the regular weekly cleaning.

    In case you are searching for a high-quality cleaning service in Tooting, our professional cleaning is everything you need. We can send you a team of fully trained and experienced cleaners to clean in detail every area of your property, ensuring the healthy environment your family deserves to live in. Give us a call and we will develop a cleaning plan based on your preferences.

    If you are someone who is in need of some additional help for keeping your home clean, we would like to offer you our professional cleaning service. We will send you someone who is a professional in the area Tooting and will keep your home thoroughly clean. All that is required from you is to contact us and set up a schedule for when our cleaners can come over.

    If your current state is making things complicated or you are an elderly person, our service is the most affordable and comfortable on the market, and the service we provide is excellent.

    “I am truly amazed by how well your cleaners were able to remove all the dust and dirt in my home. It has been a while since I have performed a deep, thorough cleaning of the place, but thankfully you were just perfect for me and the chores at home. – Steward”

    “For all these years that I have been cleaning my home I haven’t been able to achieve the results your technicians did. They were able to make every inch of the property clean. And not only that, after they left the place there was a fresh aroma that stayed on for a couple of months after the cleaning. – George”

    If you are tired of the constant struggle of keeping up with the fast pace of the vast city and you are often in the situation where you can’t make the time to do a proper cleaning for your home, you may want to try an alternative method to handle the cleaning chores in your house.

    Call our company and book one of our various professional cleaning services and you will soon be convinced that you don’t have to waste a fortune or sacrifice your free time in order to enjoy a clean and neat look for your home. We provide our help across entire Tooting, seven days a week.